Council Awards

Our council awards a Brother Knight and the Family of a Brother Knight for their service to the council, church, or community.  If you know of a fellow Knight or Family of a Knight who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, please let us know.  Email Andy Baase Deputy Grand Knight.

2015 Knight of the Year – Greg Weier

2015 Family of the Month Honorees

January – Steve & Kelly Roberts
March – Patrick & Margo McNamee

April – Rob & Cindy McIlvaine

June – Don & Kim Snemis

August – Jeff & Jill Beckman

September – Chuck & Sarah Pleasant

October – Dennis & Glenda Quigley

2015 Knight of the Month Honorees

January – Leo Rutski

March – David Kane

April – Greg Weier

May – Richard Deering

June – Mark Taylor & Tracy Heindel

July – Fred Kunkel

August -Bruce Timberman

September – John Kane

October – David Baisile

November – Luke Jahn

December – King Doxsee

2014 Knight of the Year – Andy Baase

2014 Family of the Month Honorees

December – Mark & Jennifer Underwood

2014 Knights of the Month Honorees

December – Ryan Bedel

2013 Knights of the Year – Jason Crundwell