Committee Chairs needed

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Brother Knights,
We have several committees that need chairmen. These are not full-time or heavy lift positions, but are important roles to keep our council active.

  • Vocations Director – Promoting/supporting vocations within the parish community
  • Community Director – Promoting volunteer opportunities beyond the parish grounds.
  • Council Director – Organizes council social events to promote fraternalism.
  • Family Director – Organizes activities the whole family can enjoy.
  • Youth Director – Organize youth related activities for the parish (soccer & free throw challenge)
  • Gibault Envoy – Supports and promotes the cause of Gibault School for Boys
  • Membership Director – Promotes the organization leads recruitment and supports new candidates through the first degree.
    • Recruitment Committee Member (3)

If you would like to learn more, we have books and CD’s of this information that we can share with you. They’re full of ideas that our council can pursue.

Thanks for all your support!

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